Labels and bottling

Labelling and Bottling

Labelling and Bottling


In Italy mineral water containers must bear the description of natural mineral water, possibly combined with a grading based on the carbon dioxide content:

  • natural mineral water eventually integrated with:
    • fully degassed, if the free carbon dioxide at the source has been removed completely;
    • partially degassed, if the free carbon dioxide at the source has been removed partially;
    • reinforced with the carbon dioxide at the source, if the content of free carbon dioxide, coming from the same aquifer or deposit, is greater than that of the source;
    • addition of carbon dioxide, if carbon dioxide not taken from the same aquifer or deposit has been added to the natural mineral water;
    • naturally carbonated or natural sparkling, if the content of free carbon dioxide, greater than 250 mg/l, is equal to that of the source;
  • the name of the natural mineral water and the name of the source and its place of usage;
  • a description of the analytical composition, resulting from the analyses carried out, with the distinguishing components;
  • the date when the analyses were carried out and the laboratory where they took place;
  • the nominal contents;
  • the holder of the regional authorization for the use of water;
  • the date of minimum durability;
  • batch ID;and storage methods;
  • conservation methods.

Bottling glass containers

These are completely automated procedures: the bottles, carefully washed and sterilized, are inspected one by one electronically and then arrive through the conveyor belts to the filling machines, immediately capped and labeled.

Bottling of PET containers

The bottles are produced in the factory by high-temperature blowing, then filled, capped, labeled and packaged.

These processes guarantee the absolute purity of the product from the source to the bottle.

Sources Pineta

With its mineral and low-mineralized pure source mountain water, Bracca has been guaranteeing health and well-being since 1907, a natural heritage that the company has continuously striven to defend and develop. Constantly updated systems at the cutting edge of technology allow the superb qualities of the water to remain the same.

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